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Q: Which pressure points cause severe damage?
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Can an acid cause severe burns and tissue damage?

Yes, both an acid and base can cause severe burns and tissue damage!

Can a severe blow to the head cause brain damage?

A severe blow to the head can definitely cause brain damage. It can cause swelling, which can ultimately lead to death. I know someone that this happened to.

What kinds of damage are cause by the severe shaking of an earthquake?

deaths, tradegys, illnesses, damage

What is weather that can cause property damage and death called?


What is weather called that can cause property damage and death?


Will astronauts be able to breath on mars?

No - or not without spacesuits and breathing apparatus. The atmosphere is poisonous and the air pressure would cause severe cellular damage.

Do steroids damage your liver?

Yes they can cause severe liver damage taking oral steroids.

Can acid cause sever burns and tissue damage?

Yes, both an acid and base can cause severe burns and tissue damage!

What does snorting Vicodin do to your body?

It can ultimately cause severe liver damage

Can chronic severe anemia cause high blood pressure?


How do you change a boiler from low pressure to high pressure?

YOU DON'T the ASME /NBBI codes have certain requirements regarding boiler manufacturing and a high pressure boiler can cause severe damage if it is not properly designed and routine maintenance performed ....

In what to ways does a tornado cause damage to property?

Tornadoes cause damage through a combination of powerful winds that can tear apart structures and vegetation and flying debris that can cause severe damage on impact.

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