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Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia

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Q: Which present-day countries were formerly part of Yugoslavia?
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Are there brown poisonous snakes in Pristina Kosovo formerly part of Yugoslavia?

You bet!

What country formerly part of Yugoslavia and is border by Croatia and servia?

Both Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina were once part of which country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were formerly part of Yugoslavia (full name Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) until declaring independence in 1992.

Which country was called the dalmatian coast?

the Dalmatian coast is a part of Croatia. Formerly, it has been under control of Yugoslavia, Venice, Austria-Hungary and Ragusa the Dalmatian coast is a part of Croatia. Formerly, it has been under control of Yugoslavia, Venice, Austria-Hungary and Ragusa

Is it with European union Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. It was not part of the European Union when it did exist. It broke up into a number of countries. Slovenia and Croatia are two countries that were part of Yugoslavia and are now members of the European Union.

Which of these countries was once NOT part of Yugoslavia FYRMacedonia Slovenia or Slovakia?

Full name of Macedonia is Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, so Macedonia was a part of Yugoslavia. Slovenia was also a part of Yugoslavia. Slovakia however was not a part of Yugoslavia, but it was a part of Czechoslovakia, both of them were communist countries after WW2.

Are Vatican City and Kosovo cities or countries and which country is nearest to them?

Vatican City is a distinct country, right in the middle of the city of Rome, Italy. Kosovo is a newly created independent country, administered first by the U.N. and now by the European Union. It was formerly a part of Serbia, which itself was formerly a part of Yugoslavia.

Serbia and montenegro are part of which country?

No, Montenegro and Serbia are two separated countries.

Is Yugoslavia near a beach?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. The following countries which were part of Yugoslavia have a coast on the Mediterranean: Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Hercegovina Montenegro

Countries part of Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia, subsequently Slovenia (bordering Italy)

What money does Yugoslavia use?

The country of Yugoslavia no longer exists, the countries that used to be part of it each use theri own currencies.

Which former republic of Yugoslavia is the only member of EU?

There are 28 countries in the European Union of which two, Croatia and Slovenia, were part of Yugoslavia.