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Drogba is one

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In a given community a grasshopper eats grass a bird eats the grasshopper and a cat eats the bird What is the trophic level of the bird

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Q: Which premier league footballer is 34 this wk?
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When was WK-League created?

WK-League was created in 2009.

Was Steve daley the first 1000 a week footballer?

i think the first1,000 a wk footballer was Trevor Francis

What is the abbreviation for the word week?


How many d in 25 wk?

1 wk = 7 d so 25 wk = 25*7 = 175 d. Simple!1 wk = 7 d so 25 wk = 25*7 = 175 d. Simple!1 wk = 7 d so 25 wk = 25*7 = 175 d. Simple!1 wk = 7 d so 25 wk = 25*7 = 175 d. Simple!

Can you get pregnant after 3 weeks of your menstruation?

yes. each cycle is different. i had a normal 2 wk-2 wk cycle but when i got pregnant it was with a 3 wk-1 wk

What is the abbreviation for weeks?

wk. or w is the abbreviation for week.

What are the names of piano notes in letters?

Trying to answer this without a handy keyboard to demonstrate on is difficult, but I will try :) WK = white key BK = black key Starting from the note directly in the centre of the piano, it goes: WK = C BK = C sharp WK = D BK = D sharp WK = E WK = F BK = F sharp WK = G BK = G sharp WK = A BK = A sharp WK = B WK = C Bear in mind that all sharps also equal flats. For example, F sharp also equals G flat, A sharp also equals B flat.

How do you run windows explorer?

WK = Windows Key WK+E will open explorer, as will typing "explorer" into the command prompt, and pressing WK+R and typing "explorer."

How may days are there in 12 weeks?

84 days (12 wk * 7 days/wk)

Can you be a military police in the navy with a score of 53?

You will need AR+WK=98 and WK=43

What is the abberivation of week?


How many weeks is 59 days after conception?

7 Days in a Wk ...59/7 = 8 wk and 3 Days

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