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That would depend on weight, speed, strength, and other attributes. Tall but light weight with good speed and good hands would make a good wide receiver. Heavier weight, exceptionally strong perhaps a defensive tackle or some other position on the offensive or defensive line.

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well your height does not really tell you what position you will play. What is your weight, age group, are you fast slow? cant you catch. All i can say is if your 6ft tall you can almost play any position. If you 6ft 250 pounds I would say a O or D line position would be best, but if your 6ft 165lbs. i would suggest that you would play a running back, defenssive back . Basiclly if you are just starting and looking for a position i would ask your coach.

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probably a Quarterback.

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Q: Which position should a number 6 in football stand?
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