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Third base is represented by "5". First base = 3, Pitcher = 1, Catcher = 2, 2nd base = 4, shortstop = 6, left, center, right field = 7, 8, 9

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Q: Which position is the fifth position in baseball?
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What does the term five hole mean in baseball?

It probably means the fifth spot in the batting order. However, it could refer to the shortstop's position.

What is fifth position on cello?

When you are in fourth position on A string, your second finger is on F. Fifth position is where you put your first finger (index finger) and put it on that F. A string is just my example. It works on all strings.

What is Jupiters position in the solar system?

It is the fifth planet

What is a sentence with parasite in the fifth position?

O.O what are you talking about?

What is a running back in baseball?

There is no such position in baseball. The running back position is used in American football.

What are the fundamental position?

First, second, third, fourth and fifth.

The slide positions for a G bass trombone?

g is in fifth position

What are the 5 positions in ballet called?

There are 5 positions for the arms and for the feet. they are called First position, second position, third position, fourth position and fifth position. each position is slightly different from the one before it.

What are the basic arm position in ballet?

The first one you learn is bora bor then first position then second position then fifth position then third then you will learn fourth. As you progress you will learn arabesque positions.

What position is OF in baseball?

In baseball, OF stands for outfielder.

Fundamental steps in folk dance?

There are many fundamental steps in folk dance. Some of these include the arms in lateral position, amplified fifth position, and the T position.

What eight letter word has a c in the fifth position and letters antiretroviral?


What is sous-sous?

In ballet, it is a small jump beginning and ending in the fifth position.

In ballet how do you keep your shoulders down when your arms are in fifth position?

Keep them relaxed.

What position in baseball did Bo Jackson play?

Bo Jackson played the 7th position as a coach in Baseball

How many positions are there in ballet?

There are five different positions although the fourth position is similar to fifth position and often skipped when doing the exercises.

What sport uses the terminology top of the fifth?

Well, baseball does, for one. Fifth being the fifth inning, top of the fifth meaning that the first team is up at bat (both teams get a bat turn each inning)

Describe the job of each position on a baseball and softball team?

describe the job of each position on a baseball and soft team

Where are double bass scales played?

I think they are played in half, first and second position depending on which scale you're playing. Let the bass player answer. Scales are played in half, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and in fifth and a half positions, as well as the harmonic, depending on what scale you are doing and how many octives. If you are doing a one octave scale, it will most likely be all in first position and maybe in half position. If you are doing a two octave scale (or more), that is when you get into the higher positions, such as fourth, fifth and fifth and a half positions.

What is the third position of the feet in the ballet?

Third position is fifth positon except, the fron foot only meets to the middle of he foot instead of going to the toes. (like 5th position) Use google!

Who got second position in the Fauji Foundation model school pindigheb in class fifth?

Syed Ahmed Bilal got 2nd Position in class 5th

What position does a pig play on baseball?

Any position that keeps him from bacon in the sun.

What does the term nickleback refer to in football?

A Nickleback is a defensive position in football who is not in on all plays. It is a cornerback position who is considered the fifth defensive back on the line. This position only enters the game when a nickel defense is required.

The position in baseball between second and third bases?

This position is called short stop.

Im 5foot 2 and in the fifth grade what position should you play in basketball?

Center or Power Forward