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There are 270 players who wore the number 20 at one point. The notable players are: Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, Gary Payton, and Micheal Ray Richardson.

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Q: Which players wore number 20 in the NBA?
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Who wore number 20 for the New York Yankees besides Jorge Posada?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore number 20 for the Yankees.

How many players dose a basketball take?

the nba take 50 players a year, and 20 out the nba

What Chicago Bears players wore 19 20?


What NBA players wear 20?

Ray allen!

Who wore 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Rocky Bleier.Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #20 for the Steelers.

What NBA players wear number 20?

Manu Ganobli of the San Antonio Spurs.

Who wore number 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1960s?

4 players wore the number 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixties: * Paul Martha (64-69) * Jack Stanton (61-62) * Bill Butler (61) * Jack Morris (60),

Which laker wore 20 in 2003-2004 nba season?

Gary Payton

How many NBA players retire each year?


Which player wore 20 in 2002-2003 nba season?

more than one player can have the number 20 on their jersey, as long as theri not on the same team. if u trade for a player with a number u already have on your team, one must change their number(this usually happens to the weaker player) A few examples of players with 20 are Manu Ginobli, Ray Allen, and formerly Gary payton

Who wears 20 in the NBA?

Ray Allen(Boston) Mano Ginobili(Spurs) Raymond Felton Eric Snow (Cavaliers)

How old were the basketball players in the 1960s?

Most NBA players are around 20 - 37 around