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Gary speed

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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

Convert this number to scientific notation 278000

What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.001

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Q: Which players have played more than 400 premiership matches?
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What players have played for 6 or more premiership clubs?

Frieldle, Barton and Larsson are just a few!

Which french players have played more than 300 times in premiership?

They are Theirry Henry , Patrick Vieira .

Do premiership footballers earn more than NBA players?


Who are the 5 players that have played in more than 500 matches in the premier league?


How many players have appeared in more than 500 matches for United?

9 players

Which players have scored 4 or more goals in a single match in the premiership?

Tevez and Messi.

How many premiership players have scored more than 4 goals in a game?


Latter to editor Giving your opinion about the IPL matches?

ipl should be made as a club system like football has.this will increase the quality of the players,also they should increase the salary of uncapped indian players who are more talented than the players who have played just few matches for india

If there are 64 singles tennis players how many matches must be played to determine a winner?

Well here's what I got: 64 divided by 2= 32*6 matches for a games= 192 matches...... that's if the players play 6 matches for one whole game.... and how many times can they play and lose 'till they get out completely??? If it's different then I would need more information to answer this question

Ex premiership players who managed in the premiership?

Alan shearer, gianfranco zola, mark hughes, Steve Bruce, Stuart pearce, nd more ruud gullit, roy keane,

Who has played for 5 or more premiership clubs?

James Beattie James Beattie

How many players that played in the premiership have died?

Only 4 spring to mind: Jeroen Boere, Marc-Vivien Foe, David Rocastle and Les Sealey. Surely there is more than that though.

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