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Adam Johnson.

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Q: Which players have played for both Sunderland and Manchester City?
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Players that have Manchester united to Manchester city?

Dennis Law and Carlos Tevez are players that formerly played for Manchester United and moved to Manchester City

Who has Played for arsenal Manchester city and Sunderland?

Niall Quinn. Anyone else...? Andy Cole

What players have played for Manchester city and real Madrid?


Which players have played for Manchester United and City?

it was carlos tevez

Names of players who have played for Manchester City and Manchester United?

well recently carlos tevez the argentinian striker has moved to Manchester city from Manchester united but i have know infromation about players in the past

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Who played in the merseyside Manchester tyneside and London derbies?

I'll Guess Paul Stewart (Liverpool, Manchester City, Spurs, Crystal Palace, Sunderland)

Which football player has played for the most clubs in the premiership?

Andy Cole Newcastle Manchester United Blackburn Rovers Fulham Manchester City Portsmouth Sunderland

Which football players have played for both Manchester City and Chelsea?

Terry Phelan

Which player as played in a Manchester and a merseyside and a north east and a London derby?

Paul Stewart (Man City; Liverpool; Sunderland; Tottenham).

Who has played in Manchester derby London derby tyneside derby?

i believe Paul Stewart has played in all three, he has played for Manchester city Tottenham Sunderland He has also played in the Lancashire derby for Blackpool and the merseyside derby for Liverpool

Which players have played for Manchester United and Manchester City?

Andy Cole, Peter Schmeichel, Carlos Tevez...Any More?

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