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Kenny dalglish of course

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Q: Which player won three European Cups with Liverpool FC?
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How many European Cups did Bob Paisley lead Liverpool to?

three (3)

How many euro cups have Liverpool won?

Liverpool has five European Cups.

Which are the trophies won by the Liverpool Football Cup?

Liverpool has won several trophies including eighteen League titles, seven FA cups, eight League cups, five European cups, three UEFA cups, and three UEFA super cups.

How many Liverpool won Euro cup?

Liverpool has five European Cups.

Which English has won the most European cups?

Liverpool has won a total of five champion league cups, Manchester United has won oooonly three cups.

Who do you think is the better manu or Liverpool?

Liverpool - 5 European Cups to United's 3.

Who is better man you or Liverpool?

Liverpool Fc. 5 European cups 18 league titles 7 FA cups 3 UEFA cups 5 Carling cups

How many different European cups have Liverpool won ever?


How many trophies have Liverpool fc win?

Liverpool fc have won: 18 league titles 5 European cups 3 europa league cups 7 league cups 7 F.A cups

What English football team holds the most premier league titles?

Premier League Manchester United has 19, but the club with more titles overall is Liverpool FC with 18 league titles, 7 FA Cups, the record of 8 league cups....besides Liverpool has won more European titles than any other English club, having won five European Cups (most recently in 2005), three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.

How many times has Liverpool football club won the European cup?

4 European cups, 1 champions league

How has won more cups Manchester United or Liverpool?

Well, it depends what cups yo mean. Liverpool have won more European Cups (5-3). However, Manchester United have won more BPL cups (19-18).

Why is Liverpool a successful football team?

They have won 18 Division One title, 7 FA Cups and 5 European Cups.

How many European cups have Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC won between them?

8 - Liverpool 5 Manchester United 3

How many major trophies has Liverpool won?

18 League Titles 5 European Champions Cups 3 Uefa Cups 7 FA Cups 7 League Cups 3 European Super Cups 15 Community Shields

Are Liverpool football club the most successful team?

Yes they are 18 league titles and 5 European cups and numerous domestic cups

No of cups won by Liverpool?

Liverpool have won 18 E.P.L. cups 5 Champion League cups.

Who is more successful Liverpool or manutd?

Having won a joint-record 18 league titles, seven FA Cups and a record seven League Cups, Liverpool is the joint most successful club in the history of English football and one of the wealthiest and most widely supported football teams in the world. The club is the most successful English club in European competition, having won five European Cups and three UEFA Cups. Source: Wikipedia

Who has won the most European cups?

Real Madrid have won the most European cups winning it 9 times. AC Milan follow closely winninng 7 and Liverpool behind with 5

Who is more successful Liverpool or Chelsea?

There is no comparison. Liverpool have won 18 League titles and 5 European Cups. Chelsea's total can be counted on one hand.

How many cups did Liverpool win altogether?

Altogether Liverpool won 90 cups

How many have trophies have Liverpool won in history?

18 League Titles 5 European Cups 7 FA Cups 7 League Cups 3 UEFA Cups 3 European Super Cups 15 Charity Shields 3 FA Youth Cups So.. 61 including the youth cups

Are Liverpool a bigger football club then arsenal?

Yes, By A Mile! 5 European Cups and 18 League Titles!

How many cups did bob paisley win at Liverpool?

Bob Praisley won 3 European clubs at Liverpool which was a great feat and due to which he is considered as among the best managers in the Liverpool History and Football in General .

Most successful team in English football?

Liverpool FC. They have won 18 league championships and 5 European Cups.