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Henning Berg, a Norwegian, is the only player to have won the premiership for two different clubs: Blackburn in 1994 and for Man Utd in 1998 and 1999.

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Q: Which player won the premiership with two different teams?
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Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?


What player have played for two separate teams and won the premiership with thoes teams?

Henning Berg has won the Premiership with Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United.

What manager has been relegated twice with two different teams from the premiership?


Which player has scored greater than 100 premiership goals for two different clubs?

Alan Shearer

Which player has scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl for two different teams?

Jerry Rice (49ers, Raiders), Ricky Proehl (Rams, Panthers), and Muhsin Muhammed (Panthers, Bears) have caught TD passes for two different teams. No player has rushed for a TD for two different Super Bowl teams.

How many managers have been promoted to the premiership with two different teams?

Steve coppell, Alan curbishley, neil warnock, paul jewell, mick McCarthy,

Who was the first player to get hit for two different teams in to different cities on the same day?

Learn to spell.

Which football player has won the English premirship with two different teams?

Ashley cole

Only player to captain two teams to a Stanley cup?

Mark Messier is so far the only NHL player to win the Stanley Cup as Captain of two different teams, the Oilers and Rangers.

Which players have played for two of the top four premiership teams and either real Madrid or Barcelona?


Chelsea FC what are the two premiership teams that beat Chelsea this 2009 season?

Aston villa and wigan

How many times has all the 20 teams in the premiership scored in a particular round of matches?

two times

Whos number 87 in football?

a football player had no 87 and played in two superbowls for two different teams

Who has scored for two different premiership clubs?

bill Cosby

First NBA player to win MVP for two different teams?

kareem abdul-jabbar

Which player has won the European cup winners cup with two different teams?

Marseille Desailly

Who was the first player to captain two different NHL championship teams?

The Captain...Mark Messier

What player has 100 touchdown passes with two different teams?

Fran Tarkenton and Kurt Warner.

What nba player has won 4 rings straight with two different teams?

Steve Kerr

Which Spanish footballers have played for two top English premiership teams?

The two Spanish footballers to play in the top E.P.L. teams are Antonio Reyes for Arsenal and Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Chelsea.

Which two eanglish teams have never been relegated?

Wigan is the only team in the premiership that has never been relegated.

Who is the only player to have score goals for two different teams in the world cup final?

Must be a yugoslavian player and then played for Croatia.

Which premiership player has played for two out of the four top clubs?

Nicolas Anelka

Did Eric Cantona win two premiership titles with two different clubs?

No. Just Manchester united.

Who was the last baseball player to play in the same game for both teams?

No one. Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in the same game in professional baseball.