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It is either Puskas or Paulo Maldini.

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Q: Which player won most European championship league?
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When was League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award created?

League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award was created in 1977.

What 3 soccer teams have won the European Championship League the most?

bayern, real madrid milan

Which Met player had the most RBI's in the 2006 National League Championship Series?

Carlos Delgado with 9.

What player has won most European club championship medals?

Francisco (aka Paco) Gento. Won 6 European Cups with Real Madrid

Which player has most European cup champions league wins?

Probably Raul with Real Madrid or Maldini

What player holds the record for most English premier league appearances?

the premier league started in 1991. However before that it was called the English championship. the player who has the most English premier league appearances is Welsh and Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs.

What player holds the most premier league championship wins?

Ryan giggs has won the premier league 10 times which is a record in the top flite since the football league began

Who is the player that has won the most champions league medal?

Fransisco Gento is the player to have won the European Cup/Champions league. He won it in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1966.

When did the European championship start?

1960 - went every 4 years and the most recent champions are Spain (2008). USSR (Russia) won the 1960 European Championship.

What country has won the European championship the most times?

It is Germany with three wins.

What player has the most blocks in the NCAA championship?


What nba player has the most championship games?


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