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frank Robinson

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Q: Which player was not on the roster of the Big Red Machine?
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What is Kane?

a big red machine

In baseball what is the Big Red Machine?

The Big Red Machine was the nickname for the Cincinnati Reds baseball teams from the years 1970 -1976.

What does the hells angels big red machine mean?

"Big Red Machine" is an alternate way to refer to the Hells Angels organization.

Big red machine cog?


Who were the big red machine pitchers?

Frank Robinson

What nicknames does Glenn Fontane go by?

Glenn Jacobs goes by The Big Red Machine, The Big Red Monster, The Big Red Psycho, The Big Red Machine of Destruction, and The Devil's Favorite Demon.

Who was the first red wing player?

The Detroit Cougars, as the Red Wings were first known, got their original roster by buying the player contracts of the defunct Victoria Cougars of the Western Hockey League.

What is the name of the unmasked Kane?

Kane or if your asking what people are calling him now then, The Big Red Monster instead of The Big Red Machine.

Big red machine roster?

c johnny bench 1b tony Perez 2b joe Morgan ss Dave concepcion 3b pete rose lf george foster cf Cesar Geronimo rf ken griffy(Sr.)

Who played left field for the big red machine?

george foster

What baseball team was called the big red machine?

the Cincinnati Reds

Which MLB team was the last to have a black player on their roster?

Pumpsie Green integrated the Boston Red Sox in the 1959 season.