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Q: Which player scored the first NY Ranger goal vs the Dallas Stars after they moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993?
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Which player scored the first new york ranger goal vs the Dallas Stars after they moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993?

Adam Graves

Which NFL player scored the most touchdowns in the decade of the 90s?

emmitt smith of the Dallas cowboys

What Dallas Mavericks player scored the most points in one game in the 2006 NBA Finals?

Jason Terry

Who has scored the most nhl goals playing for the Minnesota Wild?

Marion Gaborik with 219 most in Wild history Dave Christian with 340 most by Minnesota born player

What is the most points Kobe has scored in a quarter?

28 vs dallas when he scored 62 in only 3 quarters

How many tochdown did Dallas clark score in 2007?

Dallas Clark scored 11 touchdowns in the 2007 season.

How many runs did the Minnesota Twins score in the 2010 season?

In 2010, the Minnesota Twins scored 781 runs.

What is the fastest an NFL team has scored 2 touchdowns?

Dallas cowboys

What is the most points Steve Nash scored in a game?

He scored 48 points on May 15, 2005 against the Dallas Mavericks.

What is the highest number of goals the Minnesota Wild have scored in a single game?

The highest scoring game that the Minnesota Vikings won was with a score of 56 to 14. It happened during a game between the Vikings and St. Louis Cardinals on October 6, 1963.

Who scored the 1st touchdown for Dallas Cowboys?

The first touchdown in Dallas Cowboys regular season history was scored September 24, 1960 on a 75 yard pass from Eddie LeBaron to tight end Jim Doran.

Who scored the first Minnesota Wild short handed goal?

Wes Walz