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Martin Crowe is the player who scored highest score in cricket world cup in 1992.he scored 456 runs

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Q: Which player scored highest score in cricket world cup 1992?
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Who has the highest score in test cricket?

The highest individual score in Test cricket is held by Brian Lara who scored 400* against England.

Who scored the highest individual score in test cricket?

Brian Lara of West Indies holds the highest individual score in test cricket. He scored 400* against England at Antigua in 2004.

What is the highest score by a team in cricket world cup 2011?

Highest score by a team was 370.It was scored by team India.

Which woman scored highest individual score in Test cricket?

Kiran Baloch

What was Don Bradman's highest ever score?

He scored 452 in first class national cricket. In international "test" cricket, his highest score was 334 not out at Headingly in England.

Which player has the total score highest for Bangladesh in World Cup Cricket?

Shakib Al Hassan as Allrounder, both for wickets and runs scored.

Who score lowest test cricket score in highest balls?

Inzamam ul Haq has scored lowest score in Test with Highest balls. 1 score in 35 balls

Who have scored the highest score in One day international 2014?

In 2014, Rohit Sharma scored the highest score of 264 runs. It is the highest score played by any player in ODIs in international cricket. The match was happened in Eden Gardens, Kolkata against Srilanka.

Who scored highest individual score in women one day international cricket?

methali raj

Who has scored the highest runs in 1-day cricket in a single innings?

Saeed Anwar (Pakistani) player score 196 runs, against India

Who made the highest score in the 1975 Cricket World Cup?

The highest individual score in the inaugural 1975 Cricket World Cup was scored by the opener in the second match of the tournament - Glenn Turner of New Zealand scored 171 not out against East Africa.

Which player has the highest world cup individual score?

Gary Kirsten (South Africa) holds the record of highest individual score in Cricket World Cup. He scored 188* against UAE in 1996 world cup.

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