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Sanath Jaysurya of Srilanka cricket team.

He played 432 ODI till today.

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Q: Which player played the most number of ODI matches till date?
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Which cricketer has played the most number of matches in T20 internationals so far?

Shahid Afridi has played the maximum matches till date than any other player in the world. He has been capped in 74 T20I

What is the total test matches played by India?

Till the date India Playes 430 test matches.

Which player has played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date?

Sachin Tendulkar played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date

How many one day matches were played between srilanka and Pakistan till date?

126 Matches were Played between srilanka and Pakistan till 27-11-2011

How many cricket test matches have Australia won against England till date?

133 out of the 326 matches played. England won 102.

How many number of Test matches did India play till date?

450 Including the recent SA series.

Which wicket keeper has the maximum number of stumpings?

Till Date Kumar Sangakkara with 111 stumpings in 463 matches.

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How many cricket matches Australia wins continuously in world cup?

34 matches till date

Who has played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date?

Ricky Ponting has played most number of games.He has played 46 games.

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