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Dustin Pedroia

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Q: Which player owns the highest single season batting average for a rookie second baseman?
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What player has the highest lifetime batting average?

Ty Cobb has the highest lifetime batting average with .366

Which player had the highest batting average ever in a season?

Hugh Duffy is credited with having the highest batting average in a season. In 1894, Duffy batted .4397

What major league player has the highest lifetime batting average?

Ty Cobb

What player holds the record for the highest batting average in the World Series?

Rogers Horsnby

What player's 440 batting average is the highest single season average?

Hugh Duffy of the 1894 Boston Beaneaters.

What is the highest batting average a player can get?

The highest batting average a player can have is 1.000, which would mean that he would have a hit every time he is at bat. Of course, this wouldn't count the times the batter may have been walked, since walks aren't considered "at-bats" and don't reflect upon his batting average.

What infield player has the highest batting average in Chicago Cubs history?

Riggs Stephenson and Bill Madlock are tied for the Cubs career batting average leader with .336.

How can a baseball player have the highest percentage batting average the first and second half of a season yet still not have the highest for the total season?

because the world series

What is the highest NBA scoring average for a bench player?

The highest average of basketball is 14 points a game for a benched player.

What is a baseman?

A baseman is a baseball player positioned at or near a base.

Who was the highest paid player in Major League Baseball in 2007?

According to, the player with the highest salary in 2007 was Jason Giambi, 1st Baseman for the New York Yankees, who received $23,428,571.

Major League Baseball hightest pay player?

The highest payed player currently in the MLB is the New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez.

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