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The player who hit the "farthest" home run was a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds. He hit the Baseball in to a truck, which carried the ball 30 miles

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Q: Which player in baseball has hit the farthest home run?
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Who hit the baseball the farthest?

Mickey Mantle hit the baseball the farthest at five hundred and twenty seven feet

Which can go the farthest hit with a bat a baseball or softball?


What sports ball can be hit the farthest?

baseball could be hit the farthest because of the way the ball hits the bat

How far was the farthest home run hit in major league baseball?

634 foot blast from Mickey Mantle

What Major League Baseball player hit the farthest Grand Slam ever in MLB history?

555 Feet

What is the farthest home run hit in home run battle 3d?

The one I hit. 2959ft.

Who hit farthest hit home run?

mickey mantle 664 ft.

What is the farthest home-run ever hit?

The farthest home-run to be hit was hit by Josh Hamilton in the Home-Run Derby. The ball is said traveled more than 512 feet.It was not possible to determine the exact distance.

What baseball brand goes the farthest when hit?

Definately a Wilson baseball. I hit 12homeruns in 8 games using a Wilson baseball.

Japanese baseball player hit over 800 home runs?

Sadaharu Oh hit 868 home runs

What is the farthest a baseball has been hit?

575 feet

Which baseball player hit over 70 home runs in 2002?

Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001.

What baseball player hit his 715 th home run in 1914?

Nobody hit his 715th home run until 1974.

Who was the 1st baseball player to hit 600 home runs?

Babe Ruth

Who was the fastest player to hit 400 home runs in baseball?

Alex Rodriguez

Who was the fastest player to hit 250 home runs in baseball?

Ryan Howard

Who was the first player to hit 700 home run in baseball?

George Ruth

Who was the first baseball player to hit a home run with a pink bat?

it was my dodo

What baseball player hit the most home runs in his career?

Barry Bonds, with 762 home runs.

What baseball player hit a home run in his first at bat then never hit another home run?

Lou brock

Who was the first major league baseball player to hit a home run?

In 1871, Ezra Sutton of the Cleveland Forest Citys was the first MLB player to hit a home run.

Who is the tallest player to hit a home run in MB?

Jon Rauch was the tallest player to hit home run in the Major League Baseball. He is an American baseball player who was born on September 27, 1978. His height is 6 feet 11 inches.

What baseball player hit the most home runs in a single season?

Barry Bonds 2001 he hit 73

How fast does a baseball player have to swing his bat to hit a home run?

.009 Seconds

Who was the best baseball player in 1920?

Babe Ruth. He hit 54 home runs.