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Danny Lishak has not recorded a win in living history. His last known success was playing under 19 football in 1977 His motto is "the older I get, the better I used to be"

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Q: Which player has the longest losing streak in English football?
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Who is the longest serving football player?

ryan giggs

Who is the longest serving player in English football at one club?

Ryan Giggs i think it's 22yeats he's been at Manchester United

Which college football player has the longest throw?

warren moon

What football player has the longest tenure with one team?

Ray Lewis

Which football player in England has the longest name?

Stellios Giannokopilos Something like that

Who is the longest playing football player in the NFL?

George Blanda Oakland Raiders

What is a soccer player called in English?

Your question is in English lol do you mean in England? If so the answer is a Football Player

Famous English football player 1983?

david becham is sed not to be the best english football player however he will and is the most famous

Who was Aldershot football clubs longest serving player 1960 - 1970?

Alan Burton

Which football player has won most trophies in English football?

Ryan Giggs for sure

Did Nelly ever play football in high school?

Yes, he also played the role as a football player in the movie "The Longest Yard".

Is Brett Favre the longest lasted nfl player?

Bret Farve is currently the longest lasted living player in the NFL. however, George Blanda played 26 seasons of pro football From 1945 to 1975 which, according to NFL history, was the longest lasted player.

1st 200000 pound football player in English football?

It cant happen the player would die of heartattack or be to fat to move

Which player has scored the most goals in English league football?

The player with the most career goals in English league football is Arthur Rowley. He played 619 matches from 1946 to 1965.

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Terry Butcher

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It is Christiano Ronaldo.

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Wayne Rooney

What is incorrect each football player knows their place on the team She did her best on the exam The snowstorm dumped its load on Minneapoll The teachers were losing their patience?

the teachers were losing their patience

Which football player has the longest surname?

Houshmanzadeh only has 13 letters in the name Roethlisberger has 14 letters giving Ben the longest surname

Is luka modric a football team's manager?

No, he is a football player he plays for an English club Tottenham Hotspur

When was Danny Welbeck the English football player born?

Danny Welbeck was born November 26, 1990 in Manchester making the English football player 22 years old. He currently plays for Manchester United and the English National team.

Who is Simon Francis?

Simon Francis is an English football (soccer) player.

Who was First 10 million pound player in English football?


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