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ur dad

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Q: Which player has played in all the following derbies Milan north London merseyside Munich and Tyne tees?
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Which player has played in all of the following derbies Munich Merseyside North London Milan and Tyne-Tees?

christian ziege

Who has played in the milan merseyside munich and London derby?

christian ziege

Who is the only player to score in the Milan Derby as well as the Mersyside Munich North London and Newcastle Middlesborough derbies?

No such player has played and scored in such derbies.

Which player has played in the following North East Derby Merseyside Derby North London Derby Milan Derby Munich Derby and captained his country in a world cup final?

Christian Ziege

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it will take 1 to 2hours

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The air distance from London, England, to Munich, Germany, is 920 kilometers. That equals 572 miles or 497 nautical miles.

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The air distance from London, England, to Munich, Germany, is 572 miles. That equals 920 kilometers or 497 nautical miles.

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