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Q: Which player has played for Arsenal Luton Brighton man city Leicester blackburn man city and Leicester?
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Who played for arsenal luton Brighton man city Leicester?

The player is Paul Dickov.

Who has played for Leicester derby Newcastle west ham charlton crystal palace Brighton and rushden?

Paul Kitson

Which English clubs have played in the Champions League?

Liverpool , Manchester utd, Arsenal , New Castle , Blackburn, Tottenham

How many English teams have played in the champions league?

Manchester Utd Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United

Who has played for 7 different premiership clubs?

Andy Cole Arsenal Newcastle Manchester United Blackburn Fulham Manchester City Portsmouth

Who are five players who have played for three different British teams in the Champions League?

henning berg (man utd, blackburn, rangers) chris sutton (celtic, blackburn, chelsea) david batty (newcastle, leeds, blackburn) nicolas anelka (chelsea, liverpool, arsenal)

Which English football clubs have played in the Champions League?

Excluding qualifying round (Everton), Blackburn,Leeds,Newcastle(?),ManU,LPool,Chelsea,Arsenal.

How many premiership teams have played in champions league?

Arsenal Tottenham chelsea leeds newcastle Liverpool Everton man u Blackburn rovers (9)

Who has played for Norwich and Blackburn?

Chris Sutton Tim Sherwood & Maceo Rigters . Also David Bentley spent some time on loan to Norwich when he was at Arsenal.

What teams have played in the premier league?

arsenal, aston villa, birningham, blackburn, bolton, charlton, chelsea, everton, fulham, hull, liverpool, derby, manchester city, manchester untided, middlesbourgh, newcastle, porthsmouth, qpr, swansea, reading, sunderland, stoke, totenham, west ham, west brom, wolves, wigam, leeds, leicester, norwich, blackpool, southhampton,

Which player has played for arsenal fulham Bristol city Newcastle man utd blackburn fulham Manchester city Portsmouth sunderland notts forest?

Andy (Andrew) Cole

What country does footballer David Bentley live in?

The footballer David Bentley lives in the county of England and previously played for Arsenal as a child then Tottenham and Blackburn Rovers but is currently a free agent.