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Ryan Howard

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Q: Which player has most home runs in mlb since 2006?
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Which angles player has hit the most home runs since 2000?

Garret Anderson

Who has hit the most home runs in one season for the redsox?

David Ortiz set the single-season record for most home runs by a Boston Red Sox player in 2006. He hit 54 home runs that year, which was the most in the American League.

Who has the most receiving touchdowns since 2006?

Marvin Harrison

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Which pitcher has most win in mlb since 2006?

Justin Verlander

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How many inside the park home runs did willie Wilson have?

13. The most for any player since 1940. Before that, guy had totals in the 50s

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Has anyone broken Barry Bonds home run record?

Are you referring to his single-season home run record of 73, set in 2001? The answer would be no. If you are referring to his careen home run record of 762 which he attained in 2007, the answer would also be no. The best home run total since 2001 was Ryan Howard (58 in 2006). The most home runs by an active player would be 630 by Ken Griffey, Jr.Hope this answer helps.

What player dropped the most passes in the 2006 NFL season?

Terrell Owens

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