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Answer is Kanu.

Premiership and FA cup with Arsenal

Champions league with Ajax

UEFA cup with Inter Milan

Relegated with West Brom

this is puzzling me. cant be paul ince he no longer plays, and cant be nicholas anelka he has never played for a relegated team. i am stumped with that one mate. ---- It's Defo Jason Lee whatever Charlie says, and Not Kanu.

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Q: Which player has Won Champions League Won Uefa Cup Won Premiership Won FA Cup Been Relegated from Premiership Still Plays in Premiership?
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Which player has won the champions league the uefa cup the premiership the fa cup and has also been relegated from premiership?


Which player played in champions league final fa cup final and premiership then got relegated but is now back in the premiership?


Which player has won the premier league fa cup champions league uefa cup and has been relegated from the premiership?


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Who is the only player to win a champions league medal the premiership and fa cup and to be relegated from the premiership without then going on to play in the championship?

Steven Gerrard because he is the best!

Which player currently playing in the premiership has won champions league uefa cup super cup fa premiership fa cup and has also been relegated from the premiership?

Nwankwo Kanu Nottingham Forest

Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

Which player won the premier league champions league uefa cup fa cup got relegated from the premier league and he is now back playing in the premier league?

Nwankwo Kanu - won the premier league and fa cup with Arsenal. won the uefa cup with internazionale, won the champions league with ajax, got relegated with west brom and now is back in the premiership with portsmouth

Which player has won the fa cup the premier league the champions league the league cup and the uefa cup he has been relegated dut never played in the championship but still plays in the premiership?

kanu never won the league cup

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Claude Makalele

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== ==

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Nicolas Anelka