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Q: Which player earns a lot of money in the world?
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How much does robin van persie earns a week?

60,000 a week and adebayor earns near 100 now

How much does an electronic tech earns?

a lot of money

Is 316 dollars a lot of money?

The answer is relative to the particular circumstances. It is a lot of money to someone who only earns $50 a month, someone who lives in a third world country for example. It is not a lot of money to someone who earns $10,000 a month. However, it would be a welcome amount in most households in the United States although it wouldn't buy much.

How much money are NASA earning?

Nasa earns a lot of money trillons on billons of dollars

Is Kevin pearce rich?

Kevin Pearce may not be the weathiest person in the world but he is far from the poorest. Kevin is a professional snowboarder, this is how he earns a lot of his money.

What job can you have to do with horses that earns a lot of money but not a vet?

Horse riding instructor, Do lessons, clean pen, and take care of them.

Why did Cheryl Cole earn 1.2 million last year?

She earns a lot of money from her music sales and for appearing on The X Factor.

Which enginnering course is more profitable?

Mechanical Engineering is the most profitable because it earns you a lot of money for your machineries designs as well as patents.

How much money does J.K Rowling have?

She earns about 1.6 millions dollars every 3 days. It really depends on how her books and movies are selling but she does get a lot of money. Harry Potter made her a billionaire.

How much money does an basketball player makes?

not a lot

How much money are you fined if you break the one child policy in china?

a lot... uh to be precise, more than how much a chinese woman earns a yr lol

How much does a civil engineer earns with a master's degree?

a lot