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virender sehwag

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Q: Which player's jersey no is 44 in Indian team?
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Which players of Manchester United have wore jersey number 44?


Which Indian cricket player wears jersey number 44?


What unc TARHEEL men basketball players wore jersey 44?

Larry miller

How many players in an AFL team?

44 players but only 22 play and 18 are on the field.

Which players in Chicago Bears history wore jersey number 44?

Terry "Toast" Schmidt

What was Forrest Gump jersey number?

Forrest's jersey number while a member of the University of Alabama football team was 44.

Did any Pittsburgh Steeler wear the number 44 on their jersey?

Yes. Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #44 for the Steelers.

Who has worn the number 44 for the University of Kentucky basketball team?

Thirteen different players have worn the #44 jersey for the University of Kentucky:Phil GrawemeyerBill LickertCotton NashBrad BoundsDan IsselSteve LochmuellerBob FowlerScott CourtsCharles HurtRob LockJeff GinnanGimel MartinezChuck Hayes

What college football team had 44 players go to the NFL?

Ohio State University

Which famous players have worn the jersey number 44?

2 words: Jerry West. 2 words: Mr. Clutch.

How many players are in four football teams?

A football or Soccer team comprises 11 players on each side. So 4 teams would be 44 players. You can argue about how many substitues there are, but seeing as they are not on the field of play. the answer will still be 44.

How many players does an NFL player get?

Each team gets 11 players on the field at one time, and up to 44 reserves. So, 22 players are on the field at once

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