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Robert Earnshaw. He has also scored hattricks in the FA Cup and at international level for Wales.

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Q: Which play has scored a hat trick in premiership divisions 1 division 2 and division 3?
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Who scored 4 goals in premiership match but never scored hat trick?

Arsenal vs wigan 4-0 No Hat trick not even from RVP

Which two players have scored a hat trick in the premiership but still lost?

Dwight Yorke & Roque Santa Cruz

Who are the four Scots to have scored a hat trick in the English Premiership?

Duncan Ferguson Kevin Gallagher Gordon Strachan Gary McAllister

Who scored a hat trick last in opening day of premiership?

Didier Drogba 14/08/2010 v west Brom

Which French players have scored a hat-trick in the English Premiership?

Most notably, Thierry Henry, and Nicolas Anelka I think, too.

In the 199495 season Robbie God Fowler scored the fastest ever Premiership hat-trick how long did it take?

4 min. and 32 sec.

Who has scored a hat trick in the FA Cup League Cup Old division 1 division 2 division 3 the Prem and at international level?

Robert Earnshaw

Which Scottish players have scored a hat-trick in the English Premiership and against who?

Kevin Gallagher, Duncan Ferguson, Gordon Strachan, Gary McAllister and John Hendrie.

Who is the only player to have played in the English top 4 divisions and won the European cupchamps league?

More amazingly, Robert Earnshaw has scored a HAT-TRICK in the Premiership, championship, league 1, league 2, the league cup, the F A cup and for his country (Wales)

Who scored a hat-trick in every division of English soccer and the Champions League?

Robert Earnshaw - but not in the champions league

Who was the first black player to score a premiership hat trick?

Efan Ekoku was born in England grew up in Nigeria. He scored his first hat trick for Norwich City against Everton on September 25, 1993.

Which U K Premiership player has scored the fastest hat-trick in a European Cup match?

Mike Newell for Blackburn Rovers in the 1995-1996 season, against Rosenberg