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Q: Which planet you can jump the least high?
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How do you unlock planet circuit in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games?


'I foyu jump to high on the moon will you go into space'?

If you jump too high on any planet, you will go into space, especially Earth.

Which planet has least mass?

Mercury. Although it has a high density, it's the smallest planet and least massive overall.

How do you do standing broad jump?

swing your arms high at least 1 time,legs apart and JUMP!

How high do foxes jump?

Foxes can jump at least 4 feet. This is why certain fences will not keep them out. Some foxes can jump as high as 6 feet.

How high can a German shepherd jump?

well some German shepherds competing in french ring sport can jump at least 6 feet or 5 feetThey can jump to at least 7 feet

Which planet would Inger not be able to jump as high as 4 feet 10 inches?


How do you get in the cave on the fire planet in poptropica?

It's easy you go to the inhabited planet and go around the inhabited and at the end right and you can find the fire planet.....when you at the fire planet you jump to the rock who go up and down...........and jump jump jump jump jump........when the last rock......becareful there you must be faster.......and you jump to the cave on the fire planet!! I hope you understand ME!!!!!! Enjoy..........

You are 15 what do you have to do to make the NBA?

be very very tall at least 6'8 and jump very very high!

How high can a jumping spider jump?

A spider monkey can jump really high you should go to a different web site if you want the answer

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

How high can a King Charles cavalier jump?

At the very least as high as your bed! Our 13year old manages to leap up onto our bed which is atleast 80cm high.