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Q: Which person should you choose to drive you home game?
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My bff has this other bff too And i am not close to that third person I don't feel well about her hanging out with that person What should i do?

Make peace with the situation. Trying to force your BFF to choose you will drive her away.

How do you boot Ubuntu 8.10 on a Mac with a flash drive?

When you choose the installation partition to install on, choose your flash drive then on startup, hold the option key down, it should show you your flash drive partition to boot up with.

What should a person look for when selecting an optical drive?


Which drive should you save files to?

mainly if you want to save movies/videos/music/pictures/other files on your computer "harddrive" storage/ choose Drive C:// or if you want it on a flash drive which is removable storage devices/ choose another drive / "example, Drive F:// so now you know. i recommend removable storage... on a flash drive/ portable flash drive.

Which car should I choose to go offroad?

You should check out Toyota's Land Cruiser Saudi Arabia. It is the best bet when it comes to SUVs. It has the rugged looks, a powerful machine and comfortable interiors. You must test drive it once.

Can a person drive after treatment for Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura?

If you aren't in danger of going unconscious while driving then you should be able to drive.

Why should a person not drink and drive or drive while under the influence?

Alcohol is a depressent. It reduces reaction time and impairs your judgement.

Is there an age to drive a hovercraft?

There is not a specific age that person needs to be in order to drive a hovercraft. However it is similar to a boat and similar to a vehicle, so a person should be at least 16 years of age.

how do you move programs from your c drive your e drive?

There really is no easy way to move programs from your C drive to your E drive. A person could copy them to new locations, but the program is likely to fail. It's best to make sure to choose the drive one wants the program installed on to avoid this problem

Does car insurance offered in Tennesee cover my auto when I drive out of state?

Your auto insurance should cover you anywhere you drive to. As long as the person insured is driving the car there should not be any problems.

What are the legal rights of a 17 year old in GA?

you can drive...if you have a licence...that should be it you can drive...if you have a licence...that should be it

How do you keep an extended dos partition from appearing after installation of Windows 98?

Go to "control panel">"administrative tools">"computer management">"storage">"disk management" choose the partition you want to hide from the list, right click, choose "change drive letter/path", click the drive letter and choose remove. It should no longer show up. If you want to see it again, do the same thing but add a drive letter to it.