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What could have been... That was rookie running back Robert Edwards, who was drafted with the 18th pick of the first round of the 1998 draft by the Patriots to replace the departed Curtis Martin. Edwards ran for 1,115 yards in his rookie season, showing he was a capable replacement for Martin.

Edwards "blew out his knee" during a flag football game while attending the pro bowl. The injury was so severe, the doctors thought they might have to amputate the lower half of the leg.

However, the surgery to repair his knee and Edwards embarked on a lengthy 2 year rehab stint. He was release by the Patriots prior to the 2002 season, when he was picked up by the Miami Dolphins. At the end of the season, Robert received the Halas Award, annually given out by the Pro Football Writers Association for his comeback.

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Q: Which patriot running back injured his knee before playing in the pro bowl?
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