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It is the deck.

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Q: Which part of the surfboard makes the surfboard stronger?
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What is an epoxy surfboard?

an epoxy surfboard is when a surfboard is made out of epoxy resin this is more stronger and lighter than the normal fiber glass and they can have more stronger colours than fiber glass this can be done without the silk laminating process

Why is the stringer part of a surfboard important?

I think the stringer is so the surfboard doesn't fall apart.

Is surfboard shaping a good job?

no . my boyfriend makes no money and sponges off me, hes a shaper.

Is the golden surfboard cp?

there's not a gold surfboard but there is a silver surfboard which is in the sports catalog

Who invented the surfboard legrope?

james surfboard

What is the stronger part of the goose?

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When a sufer rides a wave on her surfboard she is actually riding on what part of the wave?

sliding down the front

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My surfboard needs to be waxed.?

Here is a site that talks about surfboard waxing and how to do it , or this site that shows you how to wax the surf board

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How many surfboard manufacturers are there in the us?

There are 259 surfboard manufacturers in the U.S.A.

What are the main benefits of a Fish Surfboard?

There are a few potential benefits to a Fish Surfboard. One of the most significant benefit is they provide one with more speed in small waves than most surfboards. It has higher volume which makes paddling easier.