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The real power shots are made with the top of the foot. That permits the leg to be bent (flexed) all the way back and then accelerated through all the distance to the point where it's straight (extended). That allows the player to apply force to the leg through all that distance and thereby get maximum velocity on that thing on the end of the leg: the foot. When the foot is moving forward, a player will point the toe of the foot down and use the top of the foot to strike the ball. One of the expressions is "using the laces" to kick the ball. The toe is not used in the power shot because when a player uses the toe of the boot to strike the ball, any slight deviation that ends up with the toe striking the ball anywhere but at its exact center results in the ball failing to go in a straight line. A player loses accuracy by kicking with the toe rather than the laces. Watch a player who is unleashing a power shot and make a note of the form behind that shot. Then take to the pitch and practice it with a buddy. Good luck!

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Q: Which part of the feet is used to hit a football powerfully?
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