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The human lungs have roughly the same surface area as a tennis court if they were to be laid out. This is 2,808 square feet, or 260.87 square meters.

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2012-08-21 05:25:45
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Q: Which part of the body has a surface area about the same size as a tennis court?
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What new body was created at the Tennis Court Oath?

The National Assembly.

What is the largest orgen in the humen body?

the small intestines. It streches about a tennis court long

What is the body surface area for a child weighing 7.5 pounds?

You need both height and weight to calculate body surface area.

What organ in the human body has the largest surface area?

The lungs have a surface area equivalent to two tennis courts to facilitate gas exchange and get oxygen attached to haemoglobin for transport round the body. Next in line is the skin. "The skin is often known as the largest organ of the human body. This applies to exterior surface, as it covers the body, appearing to have the largest surface area of all the organs. Moreover, it applies to weight, as it weighs more than any single internal organ, accounting for about 15 percent of body weight. For the average adult human, the skin has a surface area of between 1.5-2.0 square meters (8-10.8 sq.ft.)."

What will happen to the loudness of a sound if the surface area of the vibrating body is decreased?

loudness is inversely proportional to the surface area so it increases when surface area decreases

What is surface area?

"Surface area" is the covering of a multi-dimensional body. It is the area that the outside of a body has.For exampleA cube has a surface area of 6 * L2 where L is the length of one side. (six sides to the cube, each is a square with area L * L)

What is the body surface area for a child who is 80 cm tall and weighs 4 kg?

what is the body surface area for a child who is 80 cm and weighs 4kg

In vitals what does BSA mean?

Body Surface Area

What does bsa stand for in medical?

Body Surface Area

Why are volume and surface area alike?

Think of surface area as your skin and volume as all the contents inside your body. So they relate because surface area can hold volume or volume could be inside the surface area.

How does friction force between two surface depends on based on area of contact?

For more area their will be more contect of the body with the surface which cause the motion of body restricted.

How long is your small intestin?

It would be the perimeter of one tennis court

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