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Q: Which palestinian group was responible for the attack on the 1972 Olympics in munich west Germany?
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What palestinian group was responsible for the attack on the 1972 olympics in munich west germany?

BSO or Black September OrganizationORnone of the answers are correct

Which Olympic games were hitted by terrorists?

the attack came in 1972 at the summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. 11 Wrestlers and their trainers from Israel were murdered by a Palestinian Faction group.

Why did they attack the Olympics in one day in September?

I'm guessing you mean the attack on the Israeli Olympic athletes at the Munich, Germany Olympics in September 1972. The attack was made by Palestinian terrorists, which was why they targeted the Israeli athletes. Thirty-seven years later and the Israeli-Arab conflict is no closer to resolution.

What is Munich in Germany?

It's a city in Germany that, in 1972 during the Olympics, was the target of a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 11 Iraeli athletes.

Why did terrorists just attack israel in the Olympics?

The terrorists were trying to wound Israel in retaliation for perceived crimes against the Palestinian people. They did not wish to antagonize world opinion by attacking more powerful countries.

Are terrorists going to attack on 2012 Olympics?

They did not.

When did terroists attack the Olympics?

In 1972 at the Munich Summer Olympics, A Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September attacked 11 Jewish athletes. The athletes were held hostage for a number of days until they were killed along with the terrorist.A "based on a true story" movie was made because of the event. It is titled Munich.

What was the biggest terrorist attack at the Olympics?

It was the summer Olympics in Munich Germany in 1972. A terrorist group took hostage and killed the Israeli athletic team. I was living in Germany at the time and watch it take place alive on TV. It was a major event in Olympic history and things are done today because of this event.

Why did germany attack?


Did Germany attack anyone after pearl harbor?

Germany didn't attack pearl harbor dumb***, that was japan

What events happened in 1972?

Relating to Germany, the most important event of 1972 was the Munich Olympics. Terrorists attack the Israeli Olympic compound resulting in the deaths of nine athletes.

When did US attack Germany?

Think about it

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