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Getting the tactical will due the best in the woods but definatly not on an airball field. The ion will work on both. You don't need a stock and crazy sights to have a good woodsball gun. Go with the ion, it won't let you down

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Q: Which paintball gun shuld you get us army tactical or ion ok i know most of u will probally say ion but heres the thing. im a woodsballer but i play some speedbal?
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What caliber is the syder mr1 tactical paintball marker?

Standard .68

How much fps is US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun - Black?

All paintball guns are regulated at around 290 fps, the model is irrelevant.

Where can someone purchase paintball protective gear in Louisiana?

One can purchase paintball protective gear in Louisiana ON several different online websites such as; Paintballgear, badlandspaintball, and TACTICAL PAINT.

Is the Alpha Black Army tactical better than the Sierra one paintball gun?

ya I think so

How much does the T68 paintball tactical sniper cost?

There are many T68 "sniper" models. most of them are 500+ dollars.

Does the tippmann alpha tactical paintball marker from ganders mountain need co2?

Yes. unless you use HPA.

What can one buy from the website Rap4?

RAP4 sells paintball equipment. One can purchase paintball guns, target practice projectiles, tactical gear such as head or body gear, and tool kits and replacement parts for repairing any paintball equipment.

Tippmann us alpha black tactical paintball marker could you use a nitrogen tank on it and were can you get it refilled?

you cant use it or refill it

What does it mean when a piant ball gun is a tacnicle marker?

Do you mean tactical or technical? Something Else? There are no words or Paintball slang that resemble that.

Is there a double trigger available for the Tippmann US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun?

No, you can not fit a double trigger in any of the US Army tippmanns.

Why does your tippman us army tactical m16 paintball stop shooting after a while and it makes you have to cock it again?

It could be that your bolt is dirty or need to be lubed.

What is the difference between a us army alpha black paintball gun tactical edition?

The tactical edition has a 4 point butt stock and an 11 inch barrel and, M4- style barrel shroud. Otherwise it has no stock and a stock 8 inch Tippmann barrel.