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it really depends what sport you like better, in my opinion i would do Basketball because it is physically active and you can meet a whole lot of people and trust me it is exciting, also i don't know that much about gymnastics

so i would do basketball

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Q: Which one should you do gymnastics or basketball?
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What are 6 subjective sports?

Gymnastics baseball football basketball

What is a good sport to do?

Badminton Gymnastics Basketball Soccer tennis

What is Brenda song's favorite sport?

her favourite sport is gymnastics

Do you have to wear a leotard at your gymnastics class when no one else is?

no . if no one else is... why should you?

What sports use catapult?

gymnastics, Track and Field(pole valting) ,lacroose, Baseball, Basketball, soccer, volleyball

What is Victoria Justice's favorite sport?

it is gymnastics and cheer

Is basketball or gymnastics more popular?

It depends on where you live! For example, gymnastics is not very well-known or popular in the Midwest, especially in states that don't have gymnastics teams affiliated with schools. However, everyone gets a bit excited about gymnastics when the Summer Olympics roll around, after watching it on TV, and interest peaks then.

Should you ever do gymnastics without mats?

no you should not do gymnastics without mats

Activity beginning with 'you'?

· uneven bars gymnastics · unicycle basketball · ultimate frisbee

Is there a sport that begins with A?

· uneven bars gymnastics · unicycle basketball · ultimate frisbee

What sports are out there?


Where can one learn about tumbling in Houston?

One can learn about gymnastics tumbling in Houston at one of several gymnastics centers. These include Houston Gymnastics Center, Houston Gymnastics Academy, Stars Gymnastics Training Center and Discover Gymnastics.