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Q: Which one of these players have never played for the lakers?
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Who is a player in the LA Lakers?

One player in the LA Lakers is Kobe Bryant Another is Lamar Odom there are obviously more than 2 players on the LA Lakers, but those are just 2 for you to get started with. I hope this helps you :)

Have any Lakers players won the MVP award 5 times?

kareem with 6 first one with bucks in 1971

Did Dennis rodman win a ring with the lakers?

Rodman was released by the Lakers after playing 23 games. He never won a title there.

When is ron artest returning to play?

Ron artest is returning to the play because he wants to be on the lakers because Kobe braynt is one of their good players.

Which NBA players wear number 4?

Luke Walton of the LA Lakers and Antawn Jamison of Washington.

Who is the least traded prlayer in professional baseball?

Many major league players played their entire careers with only one team and were never traded.

Who did magic Johnson play for in his rookie season?

Magic Johnson only played for one team during his NBA career, the Los Angeles Lakers. He played 13 seasons with the team and attended college at Michigan State.

Where can news on the Lakers be found?

One can find news about the Lakers on the official Los Angeles Lakers website at the NBA site. One can also find news about the Lakers on sports websites such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

How many championship rings does lamar odom have?

None so far. According to the NBA official website, Odom played: LA Clippers between 1999 and 2003. Miami Heat 2003-2004. LA Lakers from them on. The Clippers never won a title (not sure, but it must have been a while anyways). The Pistons won the title in the 2003-2004 season. The LA Lakers last title happened in the 2001-2002 season.

Why were the Lakers created?

The lakers were created as one of the first basketball teams to contend.

How many teams was magic Johnson on?

Magic Johnson has only played on one team in the nba (the Los Angeles Lakers)

How many foreign players played for arsenal since premier league started?

one million players