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A paintball gun is several magnitudes stronger then a Nerf gun. A paintball travels at around 200 mph, where a Nerf gun is around 10.

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Q: Which one is more powerful Nerf gun or a paintball gun?
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Which Nerf gun is the most similar to a paintball gun?

There are none.

Is a pump Nerf gun more powerful than a spring?


How can you make a Nerf gun stronger?

If you mean more powerful then yes. You can modify the gun to shoot more powerful. you can do that by taking out the air restricters and putting in a stronger spring

Which Nerf gun is better the Recon CS-6 or the Stampede ECS?

Neither. Buy yourself a paintball gun or a bb gun. Since your playing with Nerf guns I'm sure your not ready to handle real ones. But most definitely a paintball gun. They kick butt.

Which is more powerful an airsoft gun or a paintball gun?

Paintball guns can be adjusted to higher settings, and most airsoft guns cannot be adjusted. So in that respect the Paintball gun is "more powerful" However I suggest that you quit looking at the guns in terms of "powerful" as high settings on most guns can cause injury to other players.....and that is the very reason paintball guns are adjustable. 99% of paintball fields demand that players adjust their markers to a safe level (280fps is common). Nobody would have a "more powerful" marker, and thus everyone will be playing fair and safe.

What is the most powerful paintball gun?

Any paintball gun that you can adjust the FPS (feet per second) on can be powerful, because basically, that adjusts how much thrust the air has on the paintball pushing it out of the barrel.

Can a Nerf gun be modded to be as painful as a paintball gun?

No. Nerf guns always use springs to pressurize a small amount of air in a small plastic tube, where paintball guns have a highly compressed air or co2 tank in steel or carbon fiber tank.

What is a good gift for a 9 year old boy?

Nerf toys of if you dare... a paintball gun.

Can you mix a Nerf gun with another Nerf gun?

Of course, with the Nerf company expanding, they find more and more ways to make the guns amazing. You can attach almost any gun to another gun. You can find all the latest Nerf newz at

What to buy a ipod touch or a paintball gun?

I have both and honsetly i use the paintball gun more =)

Where can you buy a modded Nerf gun?

You can buy modded and painted Nerf guns off eBay and nerfhaven. _______________________________________________________ you cant really buy a modded Nerf gun... you can only mod it yourself im pretty sure.. if you want to make the Nerf bullet shoot fast, you would have to open up your gun, and replace the big spring that is in there with a more powerful one.

What is the most powerful Nerf gun?

According to sources the Longshot is the most powerful Nerf gun. BUT a modded Recon in .45x.66 and modded Maverick can still be fairly powerful. the stampede it takes 6 d batteries and it has three 18 dart clips

What caliber is a PR1500 Air Pump Paintball Gun?

Fifty caliber, but it is more of a toy than a paintball gun.

What is more powerful air softgun or a paitball gun?

A paintball gun fires a larger projectile with more weight/speed ratio then airsoft, but airsoft guns shoot at a higher feet per second rate.

Is the Tommy Nerf gun real?

real thommy gun no. Is a Nerf thommy Nerf gun a real thommy Nerf gun then yes

Are Nerf vortex proton powerful?

very powerful. . .it's shoot up to 80ft . . . quite smart and strong gun

Does getting shot with an paintball gun feel like an airsoft gun?

No getting shot by a paintball gun doesnt sting as much but will leave big bruises, it varys to what gun is being shot at you. Overall the paintball gun has more FPS so yes it does HURT more but doesn't sting as much

What does taking the air restrictors out of a dart gun do?

Removing the Air restrictor in a Nerf/Buzzbee gun increses the amount of air force able to use to push out the dart further and therefore make the gun more powerful.

What hurts more Nerf or air soft?

An air soft gun would hurt much more than a Nerf gun. A Nerf gun only shoots foam at an extremely slow speed but an air soft gun is pressurized and shoots bb's at a much faster speed.

How do you buy a powerful paintball gun?

All paintball markers must be chronographed at under 300 FPS, so all markers have the same "power."

Which is more powerful a bb gun or a airsoft gun?

A BB gun would be more powerful

How do you aim a Nerf gun?

You aim like you would with any other gun. You would carefully point at your target and then shoot the Nerf gun. The more you practice with this, the better you will get.

How do you take out air resticters out of a Nerf gun without taking it apart?

You can't. In a nerf gun, there is a safety mechanism to prevent the gun from being too powerful. If you want to take the air restrictor out, then you have to take the gun apart. Hope this helped

Does it hurt more getting shot by a Co2 paintball gun or slingshot paintball?

A Co2 gun can go up to 300 fps. Sling shoots only get a paintball up to 240.

Is an airsoft gun or a paintball gun better for fighting with?

Paintball gun. You can see where you hit your target. I disagree, if you are looking for a more realistic looking weopon then use an airsoft gun