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i would get the invert mini because it is easy to work and it comes with everything you need and it costs the same as the g3 it is not that much money but still a good gun. The invert mini Is also has no macroline and has a smaller frame.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-21 20:54:59
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Q: Which one is better the g3 or the invert mini?
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Is the g3 better then the invert mini?

Yes a Dangerous power g3 is better than an Invert Mini. If your a smaller person and prefer light guns the mini is better then go with the mini but a g3 is alot more reliable nice try but no, DP had a lot of QC issues with the g3, you were lucky if you got one that never had issues. Reliability aside the g3 is louder, has bad efficiency and kicks harder than the mini which it should not considering its base design is an unbalanced spool. Its a landslide victory for the mini in this case

What is the most recognized speedball paintball gun?

Smart Parts Ion, Dangerous Powers G3, proto Slg, and Invert Mini, are the most common speed ball guns.

What's better lg g3 or HTC one m8?

The HTC one M8 phone is better than the LG G3 phone.

What is the smallest paintball gun?

It depends on your definition of small. The smallest length paintball marker would be the Invert Mini. The lowest weighing paintball gun would be the G3 weighing around 1.83 lb.

Is the Invert Mini or Dangerous Power G3 a better paintball gun?

It all depends on what you are comparing the two markers to? The Invert Mini is a very good marker. However, it's small. For kids (10-14yrs old) I think this gun is perfect for them. But for the older teens and adults it can be a little, too small! The good thing about the Mini is that it doesn't have the hose exposed. That is pretty much the 'major' difference between the Mini and other high-end markers. The Dangerous Power G3 is also a very good marker. Between the G3 and the Mini... I prefer the G3. It's just as light (if not a little lighter) than the Mini. And if you have a problem with the marker, dangerous power's customer service is amazingly helpful. To me, customer service is very important. Conclusion: Both the Mini and G3 are very good markers. It just depends on how much $ you are willing to spend on a marker. Both markers cost about the same. They cost roughly about $300.00. For that amount of money you really can't go wrong with any of the the two. But if, by chance, you do have a problem with any of the markers? I hear that Dangerous Power's customer service is amazing! Hope this helped! I wont delete this response but I will say neither in my honest opinion is a good choice, both have issues of their own. The G series is loud and has bad efficiency and are known to have some bugs (not all G series markers will but more than adverage) the mini is a backwards design that uses a non-serviceable regulator, is often too small for people and custom sized o-rings that can only be had through empire. Two better choices in the same price range are the proto rail and the Platet eclipse etha

What is better a spider electra or a dangerous power g3?

The G3 is a better gun not just from a personal stand point, but obvious reasons. The G3 is the lightest marker ever produced. There are many more modes then the spyder and the metal is of a higher quality. The Spyder is also an older gun then the G3.

What is better in cod4 the G3 or the M14?

It depends on what you want out of the weapon. The G3 is stable, mobile, & moderate in power. While the M14 is heavy, about the same stability, but much more powerful. The G3 in hardcore will SOMETIMES kill in one shot. While the M14 will ALWAYSkill in one shot.

Is the Dangerous Power G3 better than the WGP Synergy?

Yes, even when considering price Because: The G3 frame and design is lighter. The G3 had a more sophisticated valve and electric board. The G3 has one of the best Asa's available. The G3 has an actual feedneck, not a piece of plastic. WGP have tendencies to break down.

Where do you find a G3 in MW2?

there is no g3 in the game there is one in COD4 not MW2

Which phone is better lg-g3 or moto x 2nd generation?

A number of publications and sites have placed the LG G3 as one of the best phones of 2014. The hardware, the display, and the camera were rated well when it was released.

Land cruiser or hummer g3 is better car?

hummer is the better 4x4

Does an iMac ac g3 need a tower?

No, an iMac G3 is an all-in-one computer.

Are invert mini very good guns are they better than your project salvo?

Yes, even with price considered. The Mini is a mid-range mid-Price electro pneumatic tournament marker, where the Salvo is a low-end beginner woodsball marker. The mini is one of the smallest, and most compact markers available. It is in direct competition with the Dangerous Powers G3 and the 09 proto slg. It has a spool valve, adjustable trigger, a regulator, threaded locking feedneck, no macrolines or steel hoses, eyes and a board, and is milled from a single piece of aluminum. The salvo has none of these. The Salvo has a butt-stock and shroud. It also is near impossible to break because of its cast aluminum sides and simple design. It can be upgraded to have an electric trigger, but does not have eyes, so it will chop paint if the hopper speed is not correct. The Mini is a much more efficient, lighter, faster shooting, more consistent, less paint chopping, and overall better gun.

Which one is better the Bob Long Alias Intimidator or the Dangerous Power G3?

There is not significant advantages between these guns, but I would go with Bob Long. The G3 is newer and has newer technology, but Bob Long guns in general are generally considered better quality, and were staple tournament guns before being replaced mostly with the DM and EGO series.

How much does it cost to purchase a HP Proliant Dl380 G3?

The price of the HP Proliant D1380 G3 depends on whether one buys it used and where one decides to purchase this item. The HP Proliant D1380 G3 usually costs around $200.

How many SIM cards does the LG G3 carry?

The LG G3 can carry one SIM card of any size available.

Is the Slg UL or the Dangerous Power G3 a better paintball gun?

The G3 is a fantastic gun for a budget, as well as the SLG. Honestly, its just going to come down to personal preference. If you can, find a friend who has one and hold it to see how it fits your hand and form. Paintball guns are 50% preference.

Which batting gloves are better Mizuno Vintage Pro G3 or Mizuno Milestone?

A garden glove.

Can you tell me the Imperial march notes for the piano?

The notes are as such: G3 G3 G3 D#3 A#4 G3 D#3 A#4 G3 D4 D4 D4 D#4 A#4 F#3 D#3 A#4 G3

Where can one buy the original iMac Desktop?

The original iMac personal computer was the iMac G3. This model was released in 1998 and discontinued in 2003. One can purchase a used iMac G3 on eBay or Amazon.

What is G3?

G3 is an old powerpc processor from 1997. Compared to processors these days a g3 is obsolete.

What memory stick works with an iBook G3 and how many slots does it have?

iBook G3's Use PC133 Memory. iBooks only have one slot.

Where can one find information on g3 mobile phone?

There is no such thing as a "g3" mobile phone. There are 3G mobile phones and one can get information on such phones at various mobile carrier and manufacturer websites such as Verizon or T-Mobile.

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Where could one buy a HP Devient DL380 G3?

There are numerous places to buy an HP Devient DL380 G3. However, in my opinion the best site that currently sells it is Amazon. They are currently selling the HP Devient DL380 G3 for 199.99 with free standard shipping.