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TPX Triton

Probably the Triton but the '08 stealth is still pretty good.

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Q: Which one is better a tpx Triton baseball bat or a easton stealth baseball bat?
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Which bat is better Easton Stealth or Combat or Louisville Triton or Demarini CF4?

COMBAT by far then it probably would be Louisville Triton

What is better a white Nike bat or a easton stealth?

easton stealth. nike bats suck. and the stealth has pretty decent pop.

Which is better the easton stealth speed baseball bat the easton omen baseball bat or the demarini CF4 baseball bat and why?

i prefer the easton stealth because it is double-wall composite and it makes for minimum shock when the ball is hit off of the bat, however there will still be shock impact if the ball hits the handle

What types of products does Easton Stealth produce?

Easton Stealth primarily produces baseball and hockey gear. Their products range from baseball bats, gloves, and even hockey sticks. For more information or browsing, check out the official Easton Stealth website.

Which slow pitch bat is better the Easton Stealth or Easton Synergy Brett Helmer edition?

Easton Synergy. Much, much better.

Which is better the easton stealth speed or the cf5?

cf5 because i have the easton speed and it has no pop

Where can you find a cheap easton stealth baseball bat?

I'm not sure if you can find a cheap Easton Stealth anywhere but I would suggest looking at

What is the opinion on which baseball bat is better the easton stealth or the demarini CF3?

Well, the Easton Stealth is a fairly good bat; which as the CF3 is amazing. I have one and I hit bombs. The Stealth takes longer to break in, while the CF3 does not. But when the Stealth is broken in it's amazing too, but i would go with the CF3.

What hockey stick is most popular used by top pros?

Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite

Which is a better softball bat an Easton Stealth Speed or a Demarini Cf4?

the better bat would definitely be the easton stealth. the demarini cf4 is a good bat too but if the bat is hit on the wrong part of the bat, the ball will not go like it does on the easton. the stealth has a massive sweet spot/barrel and also has a lot more pop than the demarini.

Is the Easton Stealth Comp Bcn4 legal for the 2011 baseball season?


What is the difference between the easton stealth and easton omen?

stealth is not a bbcor and the omen is

Most expensive youth baseball bat?

id have to say the easton stealth

Where can you find a burgundy and black easton stealth big barrel baseball bat for under 100?

No where but eBay because the stealth is pricey

Is the Reebok vector O baseball bat better than the nike aero CX2 baseball bat?

That question is subjective because some bats are better for some players, but in general it probably is better than the Nike, but neither is better than a DeMarini Voodoo or an Easton Stealth.

Which bat is better tpx h2 or easton imx?

tpx is the better bat but i would suggest the tpx Triton or dimirini vendeta

What baseball bat should a male at thirteen use?

i recommend using a stealth made by Easton it works great

What baseball bat material is best?

composite is the best maybe easton stealth or louisville slugger there are alot of choices

Which baseball bat should you use if you're 13?

I personally like all demarini bats and the easton stealth

Which bat is better a 2011 H2 or 2011 Easton Stealth?

if youre looking for a full piece half and half bat then get the h2, but if you want a 2 piece with some pop then get the stealth. i would probably pick the stealth.

Do you recommend a Easton Stealth or an Easton Synergy bat?

I would pick a easton sv12 because it has more pop

How do you know when an easton stealth bat is broken in?

I dont know but my easton stealth bat makes a crackie noise every time i hit it on the grass or carpet

What is the best baseball bat out there?

If your at high school level i recommend an Easton Stealth or a Demarini these are good bats in my opinion from experience

What is the best coach pitch baseball bat made?

Easton Stealth Coach Pitch Model # BCNCP1. Hands down !

Why did easton discontinue the stealth series?

they didn't...