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a wet tennis ball doesn't bounce as high, so the dry one will bounce higher

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Ignore what everyone else says... the answer is wet


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Q: Which one bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a tennis ball?
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What bounces higher a basket or a tennis ball?

try bouncing each one under the same conditions and find out for yourself

Which one of the balls bounces the longest a tennis ball a soft ball or a bouncy ball?

A bouncy ball.

What is world record for bouncing a tennis ball?

412 bounces in one hand without dropping it

What will bounce higher a frozen tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

Technically, a frozen tennis ball will not bounce well because of the temperature. The elasticity is one of the factors in which a ball bounces and when things are colder, there isn't as much elasticity, so it will not bounce as well. Therefore, a dry ball (as long as it wasn't frozen in a container) will bounce better than a frozen one.

Which ball bounces higher one with high pressure or low pressure?

The ball that has the higher pressure.

What core type in a golf ball bounces higher?

The one with elastic bands in it

Will a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball or will a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

It really depends how hard you bounce either one, but i think the tennis ball.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a cold one?

# # #

What tennis ball will bounce higher a hot or a cold one?

it will bounce higher if its hot

Which ball bounces the highest a tennis ball or a rubber ball?

According to an experiment for a school assignment that I for maths,a rubber ball bounces higher than a tennis ball- well the balls that I used. Here is a table in which I collected my data. These balls were dropped from one (1) meter, the bounce back has been recorded. I hope this will help you! :)Test No.Rubber BallTennis BallTest 165cm49cmTest 276cm50cmTest 376cm49cmTest 479cm52cmTest 572cm55cmTest 673cm50cmTest 775cm55cmTest 877cm54cmTest 974cm56cmTest 1079cm58cmAverage74.6cm53.2cm

Which tennis ball bounce higher a frozen one or a unfrozen one?

A unfrozen one.

How do you score in table tennis?

In table tennis, you score if one of 5 things happens. 1. Your opponent hits the ball out (off the table). 2. Your opponent does not hit the ball over the net. 3. Your opponent hits the ball before it bounces. 4. Your opponent does not hit the ball if it bounces twice. 5. Your opponent does not serve the right way after 2 tries.

What happens if you hit the tennis ball with your shoulder and it bounces in?

its their point because you failed to hit the ball with the racket, however if u hit the ball and it bounces off one of the posts keeping the net up and it goes in its your point since you hit the ball with your racket and it went basically over the net

How many bounces are allowed on the court before a point is won or lost in tennis?

Only one bounce is allowed during any point during a tennis match. The player is allowed to hit the ball in the air without it bouncing once but if the ball bounces twice then the point is over and the point is awarded to the player that hit the ball that bounced more than once.

What is the mass of one tennis ball?

the mass of a tennis ball is 45.9

Why does a hot tennis ball bounce higher than a cold tennis ball?

As the air temperature in the tennis ball raises, so does the pressure inside. As the pressure increases, the ball becomes harder and acts like one of those solid rubber super bouncy balls.

How can you win a point in tennis?

A tennis point can be won I several different ways. 1. If one player hits the ball out of bounds or into the net, the other player wins the point. 2. If a ball bounces twice on one players side, the other player wins the point. 3. If the ball makes contact with a permanent fixture before bouncing, the player that hit the ball loses the point (not including the net, usually occurs when the ball hits the ceiling). 4. If a ball bounces on one players side then hits a permanent fixture, the player that hit the ball wins the point ( usually occurs when the ball bounces then hits the net separating the courts). 5. If a player touches the net, he loses the point.

Which ball bounces higher an old ball or a new ball?

OK A NEW BALL BOUNCES HIGHER BECAUSE A NEW BALL IS NEW AND DOES NOT HAVE WORN OUT SIDES SO THATS WHY. It may be neither the new ball nor the old ball. It could be the ball that is properly inflated. An older ball may in fact be more supple (more elastic) than a newer one. If the height of the bounce is important, then the answer to the question must come from testing and observation.

How does a player try to outscore his opponent in table tennis?

A point occurs when one player strikes the ball so that it bounces on the opponents side of the table without reply.

Which type of material will bounce the highest a tennis ball or a rubberball?

A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber. A ball of solid steel will bounce higher than one made entirely of glass. It is a common misconception

Which one is denser a golf ball or a tennis ball?

A golf ball is a lot denser. Mainly because a tennis ball is hollow.

What is the difference in a between a wet tennis ball and a dry one?

Ones wet and ones not. Plus the wet one will be slightly heavier which could affect the way it moves e.g. bounces etc. But not much

Could you play tennis with only one tennis ball?


Which one weighs more bowling ball or tennis ball?

Bowling ball

What is a net ball in tennis?

A net ball in tennis is when the ball touches the net when one is serving. The person who had served the ball would have to retake the service.