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Track and Field athletics in the following events, javelin, decathlon, heptathlon.

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Q: Which olympic sport requires throwing a spear-like instrument?
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What is throwing the javelin?

throwing the javalin is a sport in the olympic games.

What are the throwing games in the olympic games?

Throwing the Javelin other kind of sport throwing.... there are a lot of throwing sports in summer Olympics

What are the four olympic throwing events?

The four olympic throwing events are: shot put, discus, hammer, and javelin.

What Olympic throwing prop rhymes with bus?


Is track and field an olympic sports?

Track and field is a group of olympic sports. (Running, jumping, throwing)

What is the name given to the Olympic sport of spear throwing?

It is the Javelin.

What is the name given to the olympic sport of spear-throwing?

it is called a javelin

What is the name given to Olympic sport of spear throwing?

Javelin throw

Which game is easy in olympic games?

To me is running,throwing the hardest is swimming and gymnasticts

What Olympic event requires a target?

The biathalon.

What is the sport of an ancient Greece Olympic Games that involves throwing?

Discus, Javelin, Wrestling.

What was the only sport that athletes participated in during the first Olympic games?

Disk throwing

Who won the gold medal in horse-shoe throwing in the 1936 olympic games?


What is the name to the Olympic sport of spear throwing?

It is the track and field javelin throw.

What is throwing a javelin?

tossing a long, narrow spear-like pole as far as you can. It is an Olympic sport.

What instrument are all olympic races are started by?

They are started after the gun is fired.

What are the names of the ancient Greek Olympic sports?

The ancient Greek Olympic sports were mostly throwing events like javlin. They also had running and long jump and high jump.

Games in the first olympic games?

๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’• RunningRunning

Which olympic sport requires a planting box?

pole vault

Why is Ice dancing an Olympic sport?

Because it's hard as all the other Olympic sports and it requires lots of grace, talent, strength, and lots of other stuff.

How many events are alike in the modern and ancient Olympic games?

* about 5 or 9 and one of them is discus throwing.

What winter Olympic games are team sports?

Any sport that requires more than one player.

What sport did valerie Adams win an olympic gold in?

Valerie Adams won gold in shot put throwing 20.70 Hope this helps

How to join and requirements to join olympic games?

Entering the Olympic games requires many years of determination, training, and following the rules of the International Federation. The home country is responsible for entering the athlete into the Olympics.

How do you enter the Olympic for track and field?

By being selected by your country's local Olympic Committee. Usually, that Committee sets required levels of performance and speed and/or requires you to get a specific result in national or international competitions.