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Q: Which of these sports features a competition known as the Grand Slam?
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Which sport has a competition known as a grand slam?


What is an athletic event?

An athletic event is an even that involves sports or competition. For example, the Olympics are considered the biggest and most well known athletic event.

Which city is known as the sports city of India?

Jalandhar is known as the Sports City of India.

Sam Adams was known as the Grand blank?

Samuel Adams was known as the Grand Incendiary.

What is interesting about geremany?

Every country is unique. It has its features like tourism, language and climate. Germany is in Europe and are known for the BMW, sports like football and so on.

What is grand Bahama famous for?

what is Grand Bahama known for

How did Summer Sanders become famous?

Summer Sanders grew in fame by being known as a competition swimmer and former Olympic athlete. She is now an actress, television host, and a sports commentator.

What part of Miami is the most known for sports?

The most known part for sports in MIAMI is in Princeton Habitat.

What is the term used to describe when animals have need for the same resources?

CompetitionCompetition among members of the same species is known as intraspecific competition, while competition between individuals of different species is known as interspecific competition.

What is predation and competition?

Predation is when a organism known as a predator hunts another animal for food known as prey. Competition is when organisms compete for the same food source.

Which of the following sports is known as adventure sports?

hiking rock climbing

What is the grand avenue where the capitol is located known as today?

grand avenue

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