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Teddy Sheringham As you include no options the question cannot be answered. But most players have never scored a hat trick by a very large factor

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Q: Which of these players never scored a hat-trick for England?
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Has David Beckham ever scored a hattrick?

No, David Beckham has never scored a hat-trick. If you read his autobiography, My Side, it lists all the goals he scored since a teenager, and he never scored more than two in one game.

How many goals David Jame scored for England?

David James has never scored for England; he is a goalkeeper.

Who never scored an hat trick for England?

Everybody, except they people that did

Which two players have scored over 100 premiership goals and have never scored a penalty?

Emily heskey and les Ferdinand

Which cricket players scored a century in their debut match but never scored another century?

Jonathan Trott of South African!!!!!

Kevin Keegan has never scored a World Cup goal for England?

Kevin Keegan has never scored in the World Cup. He was limited to a late substitute appearance for England in the 1982 World Cup.

In which year did England win there first and only world cup and who scored a hat-trick for England in that game?

they never won it but ur ma scored a hatrick

Which England striker never scored a goal in a international match?

Kaba diawara

Did Dwight yorke ever scored 5 goals in 1 match?

No Dwight Yorke has never scored 5 goals in the E.P.L. only four players have scored it.

When was the last time Arsenal lost a game in which one of their players scored a hat-trick?


What players scored 50 goals in their rookie season?

Never going to be a Leaf. Golf Leafs Golf!

What English player has scored over 100 goals in Premiership but never played for England?

Andy Cole

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