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Q: Which of these people does not assign penalties during the Olympic Games A captain B referee C official D captain?
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What is sports official?

Sports officiating is when a sports official such as a baseball umpire or football referee calls the game and calls fouls, and penalties, and keeps the rules straight in appliance with the game so that the game being played is kept fair for everyone.

Who should perform the toss with the team captain?

The referee.

What is the football game official?


What is the name of a official in football?

The referee

What is another word for referee?

Another word for a sports referee is an umpire.

What is the main official in football called?

A referee.

Can you call fouls in rugby?

It is expected the referee and/or assistant referees will see foul play. Players in the game are reminded that coercing a referee or official to award penalties or yellow cards can in itself bring a penalty award against that player. The game is unlike soccer where players will look for foul as it is deemed "Ungentlemanly conduct"

How do you question an official during a hockey game?

The official(s) (referee) are supposed to refrain from discussing any questions regarding penalty calls etc. with players. Those types of discussions should only take place between the Captain, Alternate Captains and/or the Coaching staff. If your captain believes there is an issue with any call, particularly one that can change the game like a penalty stroke or penalty shot, they should quietly ask the referee about it at an appropriate time, such as when time is next stopped or while preparations are being made for the play and the referee is not busy. If another player believes there is a problem, they should ask their captain to speak on their behalf.

Does a soccer captain have the rights to question a refree?

That depends on how the captain goes about it. Keep in mind that no referee will ever change his desicion, NEVER EVER. So you have to ask yourself what is the point of approaching the referee at all? A captain doesn't really have the right, i'd word it more like he is afforded the luxury of approaching the referee. He or she can seek clarification on why a penalty was given however he must be very careful how he goes about it and he shouldn't ever question the referee's desicion only ask for clarification. The referee can simply dismiss his request for clarification and if the captain continues to push the issue he can be penalised.

How do you spell refery?

A football official is called a referee.

What do they call game officials?

A game official is a referee.

Can a player complain to the referee if they have an objection to the ground or the way it is marked out during a rugby match?

It is the responsiblity of the referee to ensure that the pitch is marked according to the requirements of the IRB BEFORE a game commences. A team captain has to approach the official and make comment if they feel there are isues with arking. This must be done before players take to the field. The referee has the final say on the grounds status.