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horses can walk, trot, canter, gallop, jog and lope. obvious answer is skip

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Q: Which of these is not a horse gait trot skip walk canter?
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Which one of these is not a horse gait trot walk skip or canter?

Skip is not a horse gait

Of a skip walk trot and canter which is not gait in a horse?

'skip' is not a gait of a horse all the others are though! :)

Which of these is not a horse gait skip canter walk trot?

skip is not a horse gait. these are all the gaits of a horse: walk, trot, canter, gallop. there are some neat five-gaited horses, but i cannot remember what their fifth gait is called. but i know it is not a skip

Which of these is not a horse's gait A skip B trot C canter D walk?

There are 4 gaits a horse will use: Walk, Trot, Canter/Lope, and Gallop. The answer to your question is A. Skip. This is not a gait.

Which of these are not gait walk canter trot skip?

Skip =]

What of these is not a gait skip trot walk canter?


Whicht is not a gait canter trot walk or skip?


Is skip a gait for a horse?

Well, there's for basic horse gaits, the walk, trot, canter (or lope), and gallop. IN dressage, horses "skip" but it's not a real horse gait. hope this helps!

Of a skip walk canter and trot which is not a gait in horses?

a skip. the horses main gaits are walk, trot, canter, and gallop for English horses, but walk, job, lope, and gallop for western

Is skipping gait for a horse?

No, the gaits of a horse are walk trot canter gallop

Is a trot faster then a canter?

no canter is faster. trot is a 2 beat gait and canter is a three beat gait.

Which of these are not a gait skip trot walk or canter?

Skip is not a gait. horses if they are trained very wel they can skip by doing sevral lead changes in a row. it is very cool but it is not a natural gait

What is a horse's fastest gait gallop trot or canter?

There are 4 main gaits (speeds) that horses have. The walk is the slowest. After that is the trot, then the canter, and then the gallop.

Does a horse have to be trained to perform a gait?

No. The gaits of a horse are Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop. They do that in the wild

What type of horse gait is a Piaffe performed at?

It can be performed at the walk, trot, or canter

What is a horse gait?

In horses, a gait is like what pace they are going at. The four gaits a horse has arae walk, trot,canter,and gallop. In novice + dressage you get different levels of the gaits like extended trot. Also, some breeds of horse have a special gait, the walking trot.

What is a horse's gait?

gaits are the following: walk,jog ,trot,canter,gallop not skipping

What are some examples of a horse's gait?

There are 4 gaits a horse will use: Walk, Trot, Canter/Lope, or Gallop.

Is skip a horse gait?

Nope, the gaits of a standard horse is: Walk, Trot/Jog, Canter/Lope, Gallop. Some breeds of horses have unique gaits such as the Tennessee Walker, or the Missouri Fox Trotter, etc. Unless you have a fancy horse that somehow you trained to skip, or if its another name you have given to a gait, horses CANNOT skip.

Which of these is not a gait for a horse A trot B skip C walk D canter?

Horses can walk, trot or canter. They do not skip. The 4(normal) gaits are walk trot canter gallop, whilst you do get some such as extended moves and collected moves etc etc Most horses walk, trot, canter and gallop. The gallop is actually a fast canter but instead of having a 3 beat gait it has a 4 beat gait. There are also special breeds of horses that do other gaits. These horses are called "gaited". Some breeds that are gaited include: Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Saddle Horses, Tennessee Walkers, Icelandics and Missouri Fox trotters.

What is the difference between a canter and a trot?

There are 4 gaits that horses use:walktrotcantergallopA canter is one step up from a trot. Trotting is a two beat gait which is normally posted to, and the horse moves its legs in pairs. a canter is a 3 beat gait where the horse leads with either its right or left leg. a canter is faster than a trot.

Slower than a canter?

The gait slower than a canter is the trot!

What wouldn't be a horse trot?

For example a Lope or a canter which has a 3 beat gait. A gallop is 4 beats gait. A trot is a 2 beat gait as you can see the diffrance there are also gaited horses that have diffrent gaits like a single footed gait.

What do you mean when you talk about the gaits of a horse?

The gaits are the different ways a horse moves his legs, for example in the trot, the horse has a 2x gait movement, the walk is a 4x movement and the canter is a 3x gait.

What is a canter regarding horses?

The canter is a gait, in other words, a speed or pace a horse is traveling at. The gaits start off at a walk, a four beat gait, then trot, a two beat gait (opposite legs move in sync), then canter (a three beat gait) and then a gallop, which, like the walk, is also a four beat gait.