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Ofcource cricket wc,, its 2nd most popular sport in the world and a record 225 million people viewed the final.

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Q: Which of these event is bigger Cricket world cup 2011 vs rugby world cup 2011?
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What three single sporting events get the highest attendance in the world?

football rugby cricket football rugby cricket

Who is the official event ambassador for the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar is the official event ambassador for the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Winner of world cup 2007?

Cricket: Australia Rugby: South Africa

What is the best ball sport in the world?

Basketball, Cricket, baseball, Rugby... (You have to agree with me! )

Sport in World War I?

cricket, football, rugby hope this helps

Most popular sports in world?

Which is the best sports in the world?

it depends on people it is their own opinion for me it is rugby,football and cricket

Who will host 2019 rugby world cup?

Japan will host this event

Who is hosting the 2011 rugby world cup?

New Zealand will host this event

What event has been announcedfor Novermber the 26th this year?

rugby world cup final

What country was the first world cup cricket event held in 1975?


What is New Zealands most popular sport?

Rugby is the most popular in nz. New Zealands rugby team is one of the best in the world winning the tri nations 4 times. The second most popular sport is soccer but New Zealand only getting in the fifa world cup to win very few games.