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All over the world the most popular sport is soccer

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Q: Which of all sports in the world is the most popular?
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What is the most popular mascot in all sports?

The Raptors

What are all the popular sports in Greece?

The most popular are football(soccer) and athletics

Does All Sports feature sports from other country's such as soccer?

"Yes, most all sports feature sports from all countries such as soccer. Soccer is becoming more popular across the world and a bigger part of mainstream culture all over."

Why is soccer not as popular as other sports?

Hey there. Well first of all soccer is already popular than most sports. It is the most popular sport in any other countries such as Brazil or England. After all its all about soccer. SOCCER IS THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the most well known sports in the world?

There are many sports in the world that are popular/well known... Hockey is a great sport and is played all over the world and is very popular as well to all over the world. However football is also very popular and many people are very interested in it, which is where people who are a big fan of it think it is the most popular sport in the world. Actually football is not even one of the most popular sport in the world, Hockey is the most played sport in the word and is very popular and liked across all the world. Great Britain is not a big fan of Hockey however is played Marjoryly all over the rest of the world! I hope this helped!

How many sports they are?

There are many different sports throughout the world. Football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball are all popular sports throughout the world.

Is hockey third most popular sport in the world?

There really is no official list of the most popular sports but I would say hockey is not the third most popular sport in the world. Baseball, basketball, football , and soccer are all more popular but i would say hockey is close behind.

What were the most popular sports in ancient Japan?

baeball, soccer and that is all

What are most popular sports played in Denmark?

Soccer. That is all they play.

What sports do they play in Luxembourg?

Well they play all kinds of sports but, the most popular would be soccer.

Which of all sports is the least popular in the world?

im not sure but i think its badminton

Where is football not popular?

It's quite popular in all countries. But in some countries it's not one of the most popular sports.

What are all of the American sports?

America plays all sports, just like most countries today. Popular Sports in the USA are:FootballFutbol (soccer)Baseball

How does volleyball rank in popularity?

around 20th out of all the sports in the WORLD!!! there is a lot of sports in the world so i think volleyball is really popular

Is this site the most popular?

this site is popular in the world, this is all...

What are the most popular sports in Georgia?

BASEBALL, SOCCER, AND FOOTBALL all are the most popular i u think otherwise the u can suck it

What are the second and third most popular sports in the world?

Most Popular Sports after SoccerSoccer (football to everyone besides Americans, Canadians, Australians and others) is the most popular sport in the world. sorry 4 the Americans but cricket is the most played,watched and the most popularsport after soccer.its unusual popularity impact has increased after the coming of tmenty20 into the is the third.ANSWERSecond most popular sport after Football/Soccer is Cricket most popular sport after Football/Soccer is BadmintonSecond most is Cricket.Third most is Field Hockey.Complete list of top 10 can be seen on : mostpopularsports.netAlso, you can check out some other similar questions here.

Which brand is the most popular among all?

Sony is still the most popular in the world.

How is tennis unlike other racquet sports?

Tennis is definitely the most popular. There are differences between all the racquet sports.

What is the most popular sports video game of all time?

FIFA Soccer, by far.

What is the most popular eye colour?

Brown in all the world, but blue is the most popular. By GirlDalek

What is the most popular color in all of the continents in the world?

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Where is Gaelic football most popular?

Gaelic Football is one of Ireland's two main national sports, so it is most popular in Ireland. It is popular in all parts of Ireland. Around the world, wherever large populations of Irish people live it is popular at a local level.

Is freestyle scootering popular?

Yes,it is one of the biggest growing action sports all around the world

What sports do Polish people play?

The same that people all over the world play. Football, basketball, tennis and much more. Football is the most popular, I guess.