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Q: Which object would fall first on the moon a bowling ball a feather or a large empty box?
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On their honeymoon what was the first object they destroyed?

feather pillow

Will the bowling ball and piece of paper fall at the same rate?

If you stand at the top of the bowling alley with a feather in one hand and a bowling ball in the other and drop them at the same time, the bowling ball will hit the parking lot first because wind currents will cause the feather to drift slowly.

True or false if you drop a feather and a bowling ball from a three story building at the same time the bowling ball hits the ground first?

In a vacuum, both will hit at the same time. The bowling ball will do so in normal atmosphere due to the friction of the air.

Feather a tennis ball and a bowling ball are dropped from a high tower on the moon's surface Which object hits the ground first?

Because the earth is bigger than both so they get pulled down with gravity at the same time

There is no air on the moon If a bowling ball a feather and a large empty box were dropped from the same height on the moon at the same time which would land first?

they would each hit at precisly the same time because there is no gravity on the moon, therefore, nothing would bring down the objects according to weight.

When two object have different weight falling from same height which will come first?

drop a brick and a feather at the same time.. u tell me

Would a bowling ball and feather hit the ground at the same time on the moon?

No, Unless you put force behind them, neither. The lower gravity would cause them to just sit there were you let go of them. But if you did put force behind them; the bowling ball would hit the ground first, solely because of its weight and momentum.

When is bowling first known to exit?

The early Egyptians invented bowling

Will a car or a bowling ball hit the ground first?

bowling ball

How old is the first bowling game?

The first bowling game is believed to be played around 300 AD.

What was one of the first sports to be racially integrated?


Why was bowling one of the first racial integrated sports?

Bowling was one of the first racially integrated sport, because bowling alleys were primarily located in urban areas.