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He wore the famous number 7.

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Q: Which number shirt did Kenny Dalglish wear for Liverpool?
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Which players have worn the number 9 shirt for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres, Robbie Fowler, Kenny Dalglish King Kenny Dalglish wore the number 7 shirt you muppet.

What shirt number did Kenny Dalglish make his own?

Number 7 Number 7

What players have worn the Liverpool number seven jersey since Kenny Dalglish?

Peter Beardsley Nigel Clough Steve McManaman Vladimir Smicer Harry Kewell Robbie Keane Paul Walsh was given the famous shirt by Dalglish.... Sammy Lee and Jan Molby also wore it on a couple of occassions And now Luiz Suarez wears it.

How many players have ever worn the number seven shirt for Liverpool?

The list Includes Kenny , Luis Alberto Suarez , john Barnes

Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in 1980?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

Who wears number 11 shirt for Liverpool football club?

Liverpool's number 11 shirt is worn by Albert Riera

Who wears the number 6 shirt for Liverpool?

Currently the number 6 shirt is not assigned.

What player is number 7 for Liverpool?

Luis Suarez currently wears the number 7 shirt for Liverpool.

Who is number 13 for Liverpool football club?

No one is. There isn't a number 13 shirt for Liverpool F.C.

Who has worn the Liverpool number 3 shirt?

jose enriqe

Who is number eleven for Liverpool?

In the 2010-11 season, there is nobody designated with shirt number 11 at Liverpool F.C.

What shirt number did souness play for Liverpool?

He played with number 8.

What is Jamie carraghers shirt number?

23 for Liverpool

Who wore the the number 7 shirt for Liverpool?


What number shirt will Glen Johnson wear at Liverpool?

He wears Number 2

Who has worn the Liverpool number 8 shirt?

Steven Gerrad

Who has worn the Liverpool number 8 shirt the longest?


What number shirt did Ian Rush wear for Liverpool?


What number shirt did Alan hansen wear for Liverpool?


What number does Steven Gerrard wore for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrards shirt number is 8

Which football player wears the no 8 shirt for Liverpool?

English attacking midfielder Steven Gerrard wears the number 8 shirt for Liverpool FC. He is also the captain of the squad.

Who wears the number 5 shirt for Liverpool football club?


Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in season 20092010?


Who wears the number 8 shirt for Liverpool club?

Steven Gerrard

Who wore the number 3 shirt for Liverpool in 1982?

Alan Kennedy