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Q: Which number one seeded team won last night's ncaa basketball game?
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Who was the home team in the kansas-Ohio state basketball game?

KU was. They were the higher seeded #2 seed than OSU's.

Can children under 4 go to a basketball game for free?

That depends on the basketball game. For high schools, the answer is probably yes. For the NBA, only on certain promotional nights.

How many referee should a basketball game have?

The official number of referees in an NBA game or collegiate basketball is 3. The referees are the officers in charge of a basketball game and the final decision lies within their power.

What does a person mean when they ask you how many points you scored in a basketball game?

It is a simple question regarding a basketball asking about the number of baskets you score in the game.

What does MPT mean in basketball stats?

MPG means Minutes Per Game. Essentially, it is the average number of minutes played by a basketball player every game.

Who wore number 2 basketball jersey in all-star game?


Can a basketball player wear the number 8 during a game?

no not in high school.

The team score in a basketball game depends on the number of baskets scored in the game?

Score(baskets), or S(b)

What are the lowest seeds ever to play in a NCAA basketball title?

Since the NCAA implemented the 64 seed tournament format in 1985, the lowest seed to make it to the NCAA championship game was #8 seeded Villanova in 1985.

Number of personel fouls you can get before youre out of the game in basketball?


What is the average Number of possessions in basketball game?


Is basketball a winter game?

Yes, basketball is a winter game.