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Q: Which number had been worn by both Michael Jordan and david beckam?
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Who is richer Michael Jordan or David Beckam?


Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?

When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

Who is the best midfeilder?

David Beckam David Beckam

Which soccer players wear the number 23?

That's David Beckam's number..

Who is the wife of David Beckham?

David Beckam's wife is Victoria Beckam.

Who is Victoria Beckam's husband?

David Beckam

Who is more famous Michael Jordan or david beckham?

Michael Jordan

Who is the best Kobe or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan. plus david deluskie that's me a future Michael Jordan! hahahahahahahha

Who is James Jordan Michael Jordan dad?


Michael Jordan and David Beckham share which number T-Shirt?


What number did David Beckam have on his shirt when he played for Real Madrid?

he had number 23 on his shirt and kept it with la galaxy

What does David beckam do for a living?


What did David Beckham name his baby girl?

David Beckams baby girls name is Harper Seven Beckam!David Beckam and Posh Beckam (Posh Spice in the Spice Girls) name her Harper. Her middle name is Seven because of David Beckams Number on his soccer jersey! And well obviously Harper's last name is Beckam because all her brothers mum and Dad have the same!

Is Micheal Jordan richer than david beckham?

Is David Beckham richer than Michael Jordan

What is David Knights best race?

david beckam

Who is more popular around the world david beckham or Michael Jordan?


Who is richer r kelly or david beckam?

David Beckham

Where does david beckam live?


Who was the first person in venus?

david beckam

What is David Beckam's mom's name?


Who is the richest athlete from the UK?

david beckam

How old id David beckam?


What number did David beckam wear?

David Beckham has been assigned the number 32 shirt at AC Milan. It had been previously speculated that Beckham would wear the number 75, the year of his birth; it has now been revealed however that David Beckham's shirt number is to be 32.

Who is the greatest player to wear the number 7 jersey?

In England David Beckam, in club football Reic Cantona for Manchester United.

Who lit the Olympic torch 2012?

david beckam